Quarantine Area

I would like a play to segregate albums for evaluation. Tags are nice but I work better from the file system.

My work flow would be:

  1. Put new files into the quarantine folder;
  2. In Roon, browse to the quarantine to listen to candidates;
  3. Move or delete albums depending on my choice to keep or kill. (Being able to do this in Roon would be a bonus.)

I’m currently ripping about 2,000 CDs so using import date is not practical.

Could you not setup a new Roon watched folder, called quarantine, to do this; then just focus on that folder in Roon to eliminate the main library?

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I tried setting that up last night but it seems pretty clumsy to me. Is there an easy way to set it up and then get to a folder?

Hi again,
Setup the focus as required then bookmark it. Next time you want it just select the bookmark.

As for Roon moving your ‘quarantined’ files around on the file system Roon won’t do that … it does it best to abstract the file system from the interface.

As you said ‘I work better from the file system’ so that’s down to you to move the folder/files once your are happy.

As an aside the only time Roon moves/renames files is when they are placed in a Roon Organised Folder, though if you have a well organised library already I’d not go that route.

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@Carl – it’s obvious after you said it, but wow! The bookmark is such a good way to pull off quarantine!