Quboz album not appearing in Roon

I’m having an issue with some albums that I favorite in Quboz not appearing in Roon. Here’s an example.

I added the Steven Wilson Home Invasion Concert at Royal Albert Hall to my favorites in Quboz. When I go to My Quboz Queue in Roon it’s not there. It’s also not there when I go to my Steven Wilson page in Roon, and on that page it’s not even listed with the Quboz albums.

I also tried adding a couple tracks individually, no luck. I’ve hit the refresh button on the My Quboz page in Roon, no luck. I’ve rebooted Roon and the Mac it’s running on, no luck. I’ve tried manually searching for the album using the search feature in Roon, no luck.

Any other ideas I can try?

Hi @Danny_Scarbrough,

This album seems to add okay for me. If you do a search in Roon are you able to find this album?

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