Qubuz killed my roon connection to nuc

I have a Roon Nucleus i3 that has been flawless until I tried to add back my Qobuz account. Now it connect for about 5 seconds and then goes into connection lost/reconnecting. I have enough time to pull up a Tidal album before the disconnect repeatedly occurs. Century Link bonded pair modem to NUC via ethernet, NUC to Schitt Yaggy via usb.

I can move the core to my laptop and it seems fine operationally - laptop speaker as output. I think I need to reload the core on the NUC, but I have lost track of how this is done.

I can see all the files, including Roon Core and ripped music from my laptop.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Use the WEB GUI by going to the NUC’s IP address in a browser then reinstall.

Do you have a backup of the database not located on the NUC?

You the man - reload works and I am good to go. Thank you for your kind and useful input. Bill

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