Query about track identification

Roon seems generally good in this regard, but not always.

I’ve just been looking at a classical album featuring works from different composers. I had edited the tracks in Sooloos to add the composer but that info did not port over to Roon.

So I looked at Roon’s reidentify track information which did flash up in screen showing the composer but did not embed in the track info. Am I missing something here?


Can you clarify exactly what you did? Sooloos didn’t have a track level composer field, so maybe you were adding this information to the track titles?

Generally speaking, in Roon you shouldn’t have to mangle album and track titles by appending text like US Mono Version or Composed by Beethoven to the text – there are specialized fields for accurately capturing this information, and using them as designed will ensure that features like Focus and Discover work properly.

Let me know a little more about what you’re expecting here, and I’m sure we can figure out how to get this working for you, although I will note that editing of Composer information is coming in 1.3, but is not yet possible.

Classical albums with compositions from many composers are usually well identified by Roon - a big plus over Sooloos. However not all in this library have been identified and detailed so it looks like I need to edit some.
For example, one unidentified album “Spirit” by the Australian Chamber Orchestra. It correctly identifies the album cover, orchestra and conductor but fails to identify the composer involved in each track. So I need to edit the first track from reading “Sinfonia No.10 in B minor” to “Mendelssohn - Sinfonia No.10 in B minor”, tracks 2 from “Violin Concerto No. 3 in G Major K 216: I. Allegro” to “Mozart Violin Concerto No. 3 in G Major K 216: I. Allegro” and similar edits for tracks 3 & 4 etc
This is puzzling because other unidentified albums from the same orchestra and conductor ported through to Roon exactly as had been edited in Sooloos with composers identified in each track but without the links and other details inserted by Roon. This is also the case with most other unidentified albums.
There were 7 such Australia Chamber Orchestra albums collated in Sooloos but only 6 show under that orchestra in Roon, all unidentified. I guess the other album is somewhere else, most likely identified with a lot of extra detail & links.
The vast majority of albums have been impressively identified and presented with more extra data than was ever available in Sooloos - and that is the attraction of Roon.

Does this explain what I meant?