Question about adding artist images


I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, as it’s not really an issue I am having but merely a question.

If you are using personally edited custom artist images instead of valence, are those images included in your Roon backups?

Eg. I add an image from a URL and that URL goes down in the future, is the image saved somewhere permanently in your Roon metadata?
Or conversely, if I add an image from a local folder, but I delete those images from my hard drive later on, are those images stored somewhere permanently in your Roon metadata?

All I am wondering is, do I need to think about anything to make sure I don’t lose those images at some point in the future, or is it pretty much set and forget?


Hey @Jort_Cenens,

Thank you for getting in touch with your question. I’m happy to help with this.

When you add a local image for a performer in Roon it will be retained in the database. If the image is added from a URL or a local folder the photo will be imported. If the URL goes down or the image is later deleted from your computer it won’t have any impact on the image used in Roon.

For example, I added a local image for The Beatles using an image I downloaded from the web. (see screenshot below)

I later deleted the image from my computer, but the image still appears in Roon.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask, that’s what we’re here for! :v:t2:

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