Question about 'Album Type'

Bit of a conceptual issue here - not sure if I am not quite understanding.

So if I go to my ‘Albums’ I get all my music content grouped into (unsurprisingly) Albums.

If I use the ‘Focus’ function I can see that the total album count is actually comprised of:
Main Release (the vast majority)

So in reality ‘Main Release’ means ‘Albums’, EPs means EPs, Singles means Singles and Soundtracks
are still Albums but for some reason (unlike any other categorisation) have been split out (and many of my soundtracks aren’t actually categorised as such here, which I assume is just a metadata issue).

Or am I misunderstanding?

I don’t have many Singles at all but even so ideally when I see my Album count I wouldn’t want to include my Singles in the count (because they aren’t Albums!).

I’ve also noticed quite a few things that are categorised as E.Ps are actually Albums or Mini-Albums (I know the difference between a mini-LP and an E.P. is often a matter of presentation and Roon will just decide based on metadata but I’d ideally like the choice to categorise as Mini-LP (I’ve started changing them to Album which is still more accurate imo than EP)).

Any views? Have I misunderstood?

Does anyone with a large Single collection manage their collection in a slightly different way?




Anyone know how I can exclude Singles from my Album count?

If you just want the count, choose Album > focus > Album Types > singles. Then, tap/click the green tag to turn it red, and you get everything except singles. You could choose EP at the same time and exclude that too.

For organising your collection into mini-LPs and so on, would tags help?

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Thanks - that’s great.

I guess i was looking for a way to permanently exclude singles from my album count but that totally does what I was after and I hadn’t realised you could do a secondary focus by self defined tags!

That’s ace - thanks!

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When you’ve got your focus set up as you like it, save the query with a bookmark.


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