Question about Bryston and Control4

I have a somewhat similar question. I’m a Control4 client and just installed the Core on my iMac and stream files directly from the Core through my MP-60 SSP as an endpoint and am very happy.

I wish to enjoy the same interface (Roon) on my Mac Mini+DSD which is programmed by installer to bypass the Lyngdorf and play my PS Audio DSD via USB with analogue interconnects running out directly to the Bryston. I understand I’d need to install the Bridge - presumably on the Mac Mini. So my question is: if I am okay about “losing control” with my Control4 with this (DSD) device, will I be still able to accomplish this goal despite my DAC presently being controlled by C4? In other words can I manually over-ride the control and deploy this config into my system without its (CONTROL4) use? I really dig the interface of Roon but not excited about having to purchase more hardware.

Thanks in advance all!

Hi @Robert_Furstenberg,

It looks like your post was split out from the previous thread, did you manage to resolve this issue as well as per you post in the other active thread you have?

Hi @noris. Yes, I was able to resolve insofar as I was able to play my PS Audio DSD/Bryston per my response to the other thread. But per reply to original thread I have other issues now which you’ll see. Since you know what’s going on feel free to ignore or delete this post and simply respond to original. Thanks.

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