Question about Focus

I have a question about the Focus feature.
I am trying to filter by the genre ‘Heavy metal’.
I have lots of albums tagged that fall under the ‘traditional heavy metal’ umbrella.
However, when I open the ‘sort alphabetically’ Genre list in Focus, ‘Heavy metal’ is not listed.
I can see that it is a subgenre listed under Pop/Rock, but when I use this as the filter, it also seems to display all kinds of subgenres. I get for example a bunch of death, doom, black metal albums.
Can anyone help me out how I can get to all my albums that have this literal genre tag? And perhaps also a way to get it to show up in the main genre list when using focus, instead of being buried as a sub genre?

If you have them tagged I would try using the tags under “my stuff”? I do not use tags so do not know ​if this gets you what you want but its worth a try.
​I guess the issue is whether they are ALL tagged or not…

You might also try the “match all” setting in genre drop down list vs the “match any”.

Is there a reason why heavy metal is under pop/rock and not under metal for example? How can i use heavy metal directly as an (main)genre?

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