Question about Internal Storage (SSD)

I upgraded from a tall chassis i5 NUC to a short chassis i7. If I take the SSD that was formerly in the i5 and put it in an external case, will ROON see it when plugged in via USB to the i7?

Would this be for just music library storage or are you talking the SSD that has the Os on it?

If music storage then Roon will see it AFTER you have pointed Roon to it as its file path will be different from previous location.
This you would do under Settings: Storage.

OOPS, I should have specified the SSD for the music library not the OS SSD. Thanks for the response

I thought so but best to ask rather than assuming :sunglasses:.
So yes as I said you will just need to select it in settings:storage as a new music folder path once you boot everything up.
As an external drive now the location will be different.
Probably a good idea to also disable it’s old storage location in same area as it’s now redundant.

Since you are in essence MIGRATING you music, it would be best to follow the Roon Migration FAQ for libraries.

The method I would use and found to be robust, is, instead of setting up a new storage location, go to the old storage location and EDIT it so it is pointing at the new location.