Question about Lumin T2 playback

I did burn-in my Lumin 24/7 for 4 weeks now. I have a Marantz SR7013 as an AVR but when I choose DSD128 I don’t hear any difference. Am I doing something wrong ore do I need to hook my Lumin with USB to a PC. I have Roon Rock on my NUC.

Are you streaming DSD over ethernet to the Lumin?
How’s your Lumin connected to the AVR?

Yes I am streaming over ethernet. The Lumin is connected with RCA cable to AVR

The AVR has no XLR input

Then you should be all set then, regarding connections.
I guess you’ve checked your Roon signal path so that the Lumin actually outputs DSD?
Maybe your AVR digitize the analogue signal and thus in some way degrading it?
Is there a “bypass” function on the AVR to keep the signal in the analogue domain, perhaps try to engage that?

The Marantz has no Bypass function. Maybe I should try pure direct mode on the AVR. It is now set to direct mode so I have Stereo sound and I can use bass and treble.

Yes, If you’re applying bass management or any other DSP, the AVR probably has to convert the incoming audio into PCM.

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In pure direct mode it sounds terrible