Question about M.2 performance increase

Hi, I’m currently using a NUC5i7RYH at work to listen to music and I’ve noticed some some interface slowdown. I’ve got about 1500 albums currently and I’m using 16GB RAM.

I currently have everything on a 2TB drive, from what I’ve read putting Roon & Windows on a separate M.2 drive would help with speed.

Before I reinstall everything, I just wanted to confirm- should switching to a separate drive help much? Really hoping to not have to have a separate computer for both server and controller.


Is the current 2TB an SSD?

If not then any SSD will make a big difference for the OS and apps - and not just Roon.

Nah, it’s a standard hard drive. I figured since I was literally only using the computer for Roon it would be OK, but it sounds like it makes a big difference. I’ll give it a try, thanks!

It’ll be a huge performance boost.

It makes an enormous difference! My Roon Core is temporarily running on a 4 year old quad core i7 laptop upgraded to WIN 10. Resource wise, it is not challenged but when Roon is searching it hammers the HDD to 100% utilisation. There is a very good reason why an SSD is a requirement rather than a recommendation.