Question about making your own digital cables

I just created a new Raspberry Pi based audioplayer. I would like to route the digital RCA and BNC connectors of the audio HAT to a new connector at the back of the case. So I need to create 2 cables of 10-20 cm length.
I already read, that digital cables and connectors should have an impedance of 75Ohms. Are there any other recommendations on this?
I am not sure what the inner diameter should be and if there are other factors that I should take into considerations. Is anyone here with more knowledge about this?

How committed are you? Hard wire from the Hat using 75 Ohm cable. You can get quite small diameter stuff for internal connections. It will make no appreciable difference over 20cm. Use a 75 Ohm BNC socket, there is not much point spending too much on the RCA socket as they cannot be true 75 Ohms and so are a compromise. But over short distances they get the job done.

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Thanks Henry for your reply.
I just ordered some connectors and cables and will give it a try…

I think that a 75Ohm cable only is 75Ohm when the length is 1 mtr…

You could use BNC and the matching BNC cabling as they are 75 ohm by default (or they had better be).