Question about metadata preference

Can I set roon to always apply my metadata preference settings?

I selected all albums, applied my prefered metadata settings, hit save. Roon states it is saving the settings to the database, but when I add new albums or re-tag existing albums, my settings seems to get ignored. Or am I doing something wrong?

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I sometimes do tag without albumart or get ugly albumart through musicbrainz, therefore I would like to see only the roon metadata.

As it stands now I need to either overide on album level (single album) or bulk override all albums, but newly added albums after this step will not get “rooned”. :grinning:

Would love to see an option to set roon metadata as default.

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I don’t think there is a way at the moment to get Roon to prefer your own data when albums are added or modified. Apparently though there are big changes coming to the way metadata is handled - so this might change.

Thanks, at least I am sure now that it is not due to a setting I missed. Let’s see what the next major release will have in regard to metadata editing.

Any update on a possible global “use/prefer local metadata” setting?


I’m having trouble understanding the logic of the metadata preference settings in Roon. I used to have settings on library level to prefer file tags for some of the metadata and I wanted to revert it, in order to see what Roon would offer me on library level.

So I have re-set the settings like that

I click on Save and Roon seems to work for a period of time.

Now I would expect that all my albums have these settings and I can deviate from those on album level.

But if I look at a random album and check the metadata I see the following:

All settings but Release Date and Original Release Date are still set to “prefer file”. In addition to that the composition grouping is shown to prefer file (40 tracks 37 performances), while what is shown on the album view is the Roon information (40 tracks, 3 performances).

I just don’t understand the logic here… Isn’t this a bug? I have set the metadata preference to always prefer Roon and what I see ist a strange mix of Roon and File tag information displayed for my albums. I have not changed any metadata preference settings on album level.

@support: What am I doing wrong here? I have restarted Roon several times and did multiple rescans of my library with no success.

this seems really to be messed up… I have now re-imported my whole library and set my library preferences to “prefer file” on all items.

Why do I still see things like that on my albums???

I don’t get it… This is really frustrating, since it prevents me from having a consistent composition naming in my library…