Question about Metadata sources and how to get more artsts added

Hi there I am in the process of trying out Roon and so far it seems pretty good. I do have a question about your metadata collecting and where you get your information from. Most of my library is stuff in the chip tune scene, and well there is no information on any of the artists.

I am used to this in the past, since there are more musicians than there are people to categorize them but I was hoping for a larger percentage of them to have information like you would the mainstream artist to give it that touch. For an example of the type of artists I am talking about here is a spotify list of artists that attended a music festival that I went too two years ago.

So my question is are there ways to make suggestions to “fill in the gaps” of the missing artists for the future and if so how do you do that? Thanks for reading and looking forward to suggestions.

Roon uses a number of data providers including TiVo (AllMusic) and Musicbrainz. If you add releases to Musicbrainz this will feed into Roon.

Hi @Patrick_Burden,

Generally, our metadata providers don’t take requests for adding new albums. The exception to this is, as suggested above, MusicBrainz. Anyone can add data there and that data is one of the sources we use for our metadata. You can add album and artist data we don’t have data for there and, after some time, it should be picked up by Roon.