Question about MQA in grouped Zones

If I have two sources grouped into a single zone and one is MQA-capable and the other is not, what happens? Will Roon play MQA through the MQA source but down-sample for the other?

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Assuming the MQA endpoint is a decoder and renderer then I found you have ensure each device in Roon is set to be decoder and renderer this will mean Roon sends the MQA file untouched to each endpoint, the MQA endpoint will decode and render the non MQA endpoint will just play the file ignoring the MQA data.
Note setting up like this when zones are not grouped stops the non MQA endpoint receiving the MQA file with the first unfold performed by Roon, it could be worth trying setting the endpoints to decoder only with Roon then performing the first unfold to each endpoint then the MQA enabled endpoint should render the MQA signal and the non MQA endpoint will play the decoded file without the rendering.

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Hello @Richard_Bailey1,

It depends on a multiple factors such as the MQA capabilities of the endpoints and the maximum sample rates they support (assuming no MQA capability).

Generally, Roon will always try to deliver devices an MQA stream in either it’s un-decoded bit-perfect state or as a Core Decoded 24bit 88.2kHz/96kHz stream. It can send these streams to multiple devices if they’re capable of them.

The caveat here is that grouped zone playback can sometimes induce audio clock variability that will cause the MQA endpoints to be unable to decode the stream. That said, for devices supporting 88.2kHz/96kHz you’re still getting high-resolution audio.


I did that with my Meridian MS200(non MQA) and 218 MQA zone. If I grouped them I lost MQA in the 218. So I set the MS200 as decoder and renderer. Then I did not lose MQA.

Having a Meridian 210 now, and it being Roon Ready I can group it with Bluesound Pulse with no issues.

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