Question About Musician Credits

In Roon I see musician credits for a track in two places:

  1. Under the track title, e.g. Performed by Anne Bourne (cello)
  2. From the View Credits menu, e.g. Cello: Anne Bourne

Whilst I like to see examples of #1 it is frustrating that the hyperlink is for "Anne Bourne (cello) not “Anne Bourne”.

Is there a way to deal with this? Or will I have to merge artists for Anne Bourne (cello) and Anne Bourne? That’s too much hassle–perhaps Roon should exclude the instrument?

Finally, I see that #1 is derived from credit tags {cello=Anne Bourne} whereas #2 is derived from INSTRUMENT and PERFORMER_NAME.

It would seem that SongKong writes both. Is there anyway around that?

I actually abandoned SongKong because of this (and also having to reverse composer names). I did post-edit a few SongKong albums with mp3tag but then gave up. So, yes, maybe someone knows how to configure SongKong to stop this?

Hi sorry not aware off his issue, but please see my answer at you can prevent Songkong from writing to any field if you wish.

I’ll give this a try sometime.

I’ve noticed that entries under Involved People works well but Musician Credits only work if the format is Performer=Barbra Streisand. If the entry is Lead Vocals=Barbra Streisand this renders as Barbra Streisand (Lead Vocals) in Roon.

My remedy is to move all entries to Involved People and keep guest vocals in Musician Credits in the format Performer=Barbra Streisand`. I do all of this using Yate.

This works, but it’s a lot of work. And then I find that Roon inevitably has multiple entries for Involved People that are either incorrect–equivalence issues, name format, spelling etc. It took me about two weeks to update 65 albums in my collection. It’s really not worth the effort. I’d rather spend my time doing something else.

Can I check what audio formats your files are in, regarding Involved People/Musicians Credits AFAIK they should be treated in the same way for ID3 format (as used by Wav, Aif, Dsf) by Roon, if not that seems wrong. I wonder if there is an ID3v23 versus ID3v24 issue, I will look at this in more detail as soon as I can.

I use Flac throughout my collection.

Hi, okay so for Flac format SongKong doesn’t currently write to INVOLVEDPEOPLE or MUSICIANCREDITS

it only writes to PERFORMER field and for this uses the format PERFORMER=Name (Role)

I didnt think Roon read the PERFORMER field so not clear on the parameters of the problem.