Question about "My Albums" folder in Tidal

If I open Tidal in the web client I see a folder named “My Music” which has albums I’ve manually added to that folder. They’re all all albums I’ve dragged and dropped in Tidal.

When I open Tidal in Roon I don’t see that folder. I do see the playlists I’ve created but not the “My Music” folder. Why is that?


It’s under Tidal > Your Favorites.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg.

Is there a way to change the sort order in Roon? Currently, all of my Tidal albums and tracks are sorted alphabetically by album/track name. That’s almost never how I want my albums and tracks sorted.

Hey Jeff,

In Album View, click Focus and then select Format > Tidal. That will display just your Tidal albums.

In the top right corner of the screen, the drop down will give you a few sort options.

Tracks is not as easy. How do you want them sorted?

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,

Thanks for that info.

I actually just wanted my Tidal Favorite albums sorted that way. The method you outlined sorts all of the Tidal albums that are in my library. I have about a dozen Tidal favorites, but I have over 100 total Tidal albums.

I just want to be able to choose the sort field for the albums and tracks in the Tidal Favorites view in Roon. From your response, I guess that can’t be done yet. Maybe in a later version of Roon…


Hi Jeff,

I think there’s some confusion as to what a Tidal favourite is and how it relates to Roon.

In the Tidal View > Your Favorites, it will show all your Tidal albums in Roon. In your case 100. (Click view all).

When you Add to Library a Tidal album, it becomes a Tidal favourite. In the Tidal app, it will highlight the star on the album and will put it in My Music. All 100 albums will be there.

You can “favorite” a Tidal album in Roon by clicking the heart icon. In your case, you have 12 (I assume you did it that way).

To view those 12 and sort them, follow the instructions above to Focus on Tidal albums. Then click the heart icon at the top left of the screen. This should show your 12 favourite Tidal albums. You can sort at the top right of the screen.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

I beg to differ (politely, of course!). In Roon, Tidal > Favorites shows me only the albums I have “starred” in the Tidal app. But I probably add Tidal albums to Roon differently than you or a lot of other Roon users do.

On several occasions, I have almost posted a long rant about how Tidal <–> Roon react to adding albums in either app, and how Roon treats Tidal albums that are added as complete albums to the Roon library from inside Roon. But I never did post because I found workarounds that work for me.

NB: Why and how I use Tidal album favorites, Tidal track favorites in Roon and Tidal track favorites in Tidal is well beyond the scope of this topic. I almost never use the heart icon in Roon to favorite a Tidal album. Most of my Tidal albums that appear in my Roon library are there only because I chose to mark one or more of the album’s tracks as favorites in Tidal.

Regardless, it would help if I could choose my sort method in Roon’s Tidal view.


I’d sure like to have a “sort by date added” feature in TIDAL->Favorite Albums. I realize there’s a work around by using Focus in the Album view, but that’s a lot of clicks and I’m lazy! (Oh, and please add a a little MQA icon, too!)

You can make a bookmark for this, then it’s just 2 clicks :wink:

Fantastic! I had never used bookmarks before. Incredibly useful.


That made me want another feature: the ability to Focus/Bookmark TIDAL MQA albums. Doesn’t seem to be possible or am I missing something?