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Sorry if I missed something, but I can only find this:

My scenario is 4 people in the house. Can each of us login in to Roon separately and listen to different music at once? And can we have different libraries? I’d rather not have my exquisite albums collection infected by my kids horrible taste in music :laughing:


No. There is but one library and your license is for just one library.

Thanks @Rugby !

Then I don’t see the point in profiles at all in Roon. Or am I missing something here?

Your comments have been requested since well within months of Roon’s release in 2015. Feel free to add a vote either one.


Because although the library is shared the profile is not. Play history, Favorites, tags, Playlists, etc are tied to the Profile. That way, you can create a Playlist and another profile won’t see it. You won’t get recommendations based on what another profile has played. The only thing shared is the library.

Your preferences / history etc are all different. You might see different recommended albums, or personalized playlists. If you happen to listen to Britney Spears and your spouse to Martha Argerich, you’ll appreciate having everyone have their own profile. Your remotes will default to whoever used them last, so if you each have your own phone / tablet, or you take care to stay on the right profile it can be quite useful. Or at least keep you from getting annoyed that your stuff is polluted with the garbage that your otherwise wonderful family likes listening to.

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Another tip would be to have separate watched folders for your kids and then use focus, tags, and bookmarks to isolate your music. I do this to isolate Tidal music from my local music. You could also do this (use Profiles with special playlists or watched folders) for when you have a “themed” party (Christmas, New Years, Cinco de Mayo, TGIFF party, etc. etc…) and want to allow your guests to control the music. They would only see the music you want them to see and you could disable your horde so they can’t access it… :slight_smile:

I think I’m getting things mixed up. I’m under the assumption that the library is everything in my library section as shown here:
Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 22.43.09

I do not have any local files, and use streaming exclusively in Roon. What exactly is in the library? Local files only? If I add an album to my library, will others profiles see my albums too?

Let me ask differently. Let’s say I have zero likes, playlists, followings etc. in Tidal and Qobuz. Both are total empty from user interaction in any way. When Profile “Dad” adds something to the Roon library, does that album show in all others profiles too?


Read through this thread again and I think you’ll get it. Every profile can see the total library of music. I don’t have this situation, but if I did, I would add tags to all the albums for each person and use Roon Focus for each person to see the albums they have tagged with their name. You can create a bookmark with each person’s tags to make it a one click choice.


It’s like a real library for books. Every member can see the whole library and add to it (and ruin it, sadly), but everyone’s reading history, future reading list, etc., differ.

Stronger separation and particularly protection has been requested like in the feature requests linked above.

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