Question about PS Audio Bridge II

(jon michaels) #21

If you’re plugging everything into a LAN segment on your internet/wifi router, I’d suggest trying a dedicated Ethernet switch (connected to/“behind” a LAN port on your router) for all your LAN (home network devices) connections. It does mean a second piece of network equipment, but I’ve found this setup more reliable.

(Bryan Stewart) #22

My setup is as follows:

  1. Time Warner/Spectrum Router to Internet
  2. Ethernet Switch connected to Router
  3. PS Audio DSJr w/bridge II connected to switch
  4. QNAP NAS to store music connected to switch
  5. MAC Mini running Roon Core connect to switch
  6. PS Audio DSJr audio connect to my stereo preamp
  7. Tablet connected via Wifi to control music

Works great and I haven’t had any issues.


I also have a DS Jr & connect only via Ethernet to Bridge II.
My Roon core is in a WS2012 R2 in a different part of the house outside my listening room. I don’t use any of Roon’s DSP functions, as the DS Jr handles all up sampling & sounds great. I have no desire to connect via USB & this was by far the best solution for my setup. Just under 5000 albums on my server & Streaming Tidal MQA works flawlessly. I control Roon from a Surface Pro & connect via a USB - Ethernet adapter to avoid any wireless issues (My audio room is double drywall & tons of insulation). Very happy camper.

WS2012R2 > Switch > Dedicated CAT 6A to audio room > AudioQuest Vodka to Bridge II (DS Jr) > McIntosh C1100 > McIntosh MC2301’s > Canton Reference K3’s = Audio Nirvana ! :sunglasses:

(Scott Winders) #24

I want to revisit this as my opinion has changed dramatically.

I am no longer using the Bridge II card and have removed it from my DirectStream DAC. Instead, I am again using the ultraRendu/Teddy Pardo/Lush setup along with HQPlayer Embedded in my sonicTransporter i5. The sound quality I am getting is quite a bit better than the what I was getting with the Bridge II and is certainly worth the increased complexity and cost. Much of this is directly attributable to HQPlayer. The Bridge II card, while simpler and cheaper overall, just doesn’t cut it in comparison.

(dan baldwin) #25

Just curious, does the interaction with HQPlayer and the ultraRendu allow more options than its interaction with the Bridge II ? Before you were comparing Bridge II -> DirectStream with ulraRendu->Directstream and now you’ve placed HQPlayer in the mix ? How does HQPlayer improve the sound ?

(Scott Winders) #26

Using HQPlayer Embedded basically means that Roon does not handle any of the networking. The ultraRendu is no longer a Roon endpoint as it is a Network Audio Adapter (NAA) feeding the DAC instead. I am using HQPlayer filters and noise shapers, but the sound is better even if I turn all of those features off.

I think Roon somehow messes something up in the process of getting the file to the endpoint or from the endpoint to the DAC. I don’t have any proof of that other than what I hear.

(Ravi Shankar) #27

I just got the DirectStream DAC and using Roon for quite sometime. I need recommendation on how to connect.

Current setup:

Albums are in QNAP NAS
Roon Core is running on extended hard-drive on the QNAP NAS
QNAP NAS is connected to my wireless router

They above are in a different room

In my listening room,

  1. I have a wireless extender which contains an ethernet port
  2. PS Audio DSD is connected to the wireless extender.

Roon is not seeing my DSD

Am I missing anything here? Is this a correct setup? Please advice.

(Sean) #28

As a temporary test, does Roon Core see your DS DAC if you move the DAC and connect it with an ethernet cable directly to your router?

If so, it may be a networking issue (the wireless extender being the variable).

(Ravi Shankar) #29

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll try that now. Thank you again.

(Jeremy) #30

You need to connect the DAC Bridge directly to the router. The wireless extender is very likely the problem.

(Sean) #31

The suspense is killing us Ravi! :grin:

How did you go?