Question about ROCK recovery [resolved]

I’ve download the file and unzipped using Win Zip. However, it won’t run from within Windows 10. Does this mean that I need to use Etcher and copy it to a USB drive as per instructions when setting ROCK up for the first time?
If that’s the case will I be able to run Recovery or will I have to Install and have to reinstall codecs etc and reindex the database again?

Er, yes. Just as the instructions say. And yes, you choose Recovery, not Install, when you boot your NUC.

Hi @John_Butler,

Yes, you’ll want to flash the image to the USB drive using Etcher.

Yes, you’ll be able to run recovery from here. As long as recovery is chosen your database and settings will all remain intact.

Hi Dylan
Thanks to you and your team for sorting out the issue so quickly and efficiently. My confusion arose from not understanding Linux and the need to flash the download when trying to restore it. Thanks for explaining. I’m up and running again now.
Does Roon Rock update the NUC unit automatically during normal operation?
Thanks again

yes it does, but you have to accept the update

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