Question about Roon with Sonic Transporter and Ultra Rendu

Hey guys, I have some questions. I’m loving my new ST and UR. My goal was to move my core from my PC and to the ST. Currently loading my full library (over 250 K songs stored on NAS) and it’s slowly indexing.
I have Roon installed on my Windows 10 PC so I can view the interface only. It’s still using considerable RAM locally. Around 35%. Is that normal? I want to view on my desktop multiple monitors and wondering if I can lower the RAM usage on my PC since it should all be done at the PC.
Please help. Also, is there any burn-in time with a new Ultra Rendu? Much appreciated.
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Hi Spencer, I am not sure if I can help you with that lol. My user name just says Roon super user(but I am not, just an ordinary user) , I don’t know why and don’t know where to change it. It’s been like that since the beginning. Hope others can help you.


Thanks. I’ve been trying my hardest but no one is helping. I’ve been reading about the ST with ultra Rendu on here for years. And then I get one and have questions and it’s nothing but crickets.

Someone please?


Let me make sure I understand the question:
You are now using the ST as ‘core’ running RoonServer.
You are running Roon as a client as the user interface to Roon. Correct?
I’m running Roon on a NUC (via ROCK), and viewing everything with Roon on my Windows 10 PC.
My memory usage is 6.1 MB for RAATServer and around 470 MB for Roon.
Since you loaded Roon on to the ST and designated it as your new Core, have you rebooted the Windows machine? It may still think it needs to run Roon with the database, which would use more memory.
But anyway, when ever you run into a problem with Roon, a reboot is high on the list. It used to be a hammer in the tube days…

Another option for you would be to install the 32-bit version of Roon on the Windows PC. It would lower memory usage, but there shouldn’t be much of a tradeoff if you won’t be running Roon as the core on the Windows machine again.

Okay, I don’t think I’ve rebooted since so I will try that. I have closed the program down and reopened with no change. I really appreciate the input!

I’m away from home at the moment. If the reboot doesn’t fix it, I will look at installing a 32 bit version.


Can’t answer your main question, but I certainly didn’t notice any burn-in period on my ultraRendu.

Thanks rockhound. It really sounds great yet I was just curious.

Also, I’m currently indexing over 250K files on the transporter. If I were to install 32 bit version on my PC that wouldn’t mess with the ST and settings with my folders and analyzing, correct?


Correct. You are not using the PC for anything the core is doing.
One thing to just think about, have you backed up the core on your PC? How did you move it over to the Sonic Transporter?
Always good to back things up before you monkey around…
edit: I’d back it up and set it in a special place so you don’t get an incremental backup over the old database. I don’t know how that works, but I wouldn’t take chances.

Yes, I did. I used the backup but it didn’t like my folder structure so I had to re-add all my folders. But at least it’s keeping my edits!

Lets clear up some things so we can control expectations.
The ultraRendu is made by Sonore.
The SonicTransporter is made by Small Green computer.
The Roon core and RoonReady endpoint software are made by Roon Labs.
You PC is made by a third party unknown to me.

As you can see this is complex and may require multiple posts and can take time to resolve, but we will each help you out as best as we can.

We need to figure what processes have been completed. Has the download into the sT completed? Has Roon core on the sT had time to index the large number of files. What role is Roon on the PC doing making sure it’s not indexing the new library on the sT?

I can switch between cores on my PC and ST. I currently am using the ST as my core and that will not change. I tried restoring a backup from my roon core on my pc but the ST didn’t agree with my folder network share structure so I had to manually add all my network share folders to the room core on ST. It did save some settings from my backup so not all was lost. I have over 250K songs on my NAS drive. So it’s taking a while to index but I’m being patient.
I was perplexed why I’m still using 3000 mb of RAM on my local pc (via task manager) even though it’s connected to the ST.

I’m gonna reboot my windows PC when I get home to see if that fixes it. I am totally aware of the different companies at play here. Just wondering about the RAM issue.


I don’t know anything about what Roon is doing that on the PC. Roon would have to comment why it’s using what it’s using RAM wise. You can also turn off the PC and use a module device as the Roon controller.

Thanks Jesus. I’m home now and gonna reboot. That’s what I can’t figure out, if it’s using the core on the ST, why so much RAM usage locally on my PC. I basically want to have Roon on my PC as a controller and it shouldn’t use much resources.

I’ll report back.


So, rebooting changed nothing. It’s still using a ton or RAM.

I think I’ll uninstall on my PC and try the 32 bit version. This should not affect anything on the Transporter. Correct?

Here’s what task manager is showing.

Uninstalling on PC now.

I sent Roon a message so they can chime in.

Well, that fixed it! 32 bit on Windows is showing RAM usage at 107 MB.

Thanks guys!