Question about swapping one DAC for another

I’m new to Roon and couldn’t find an answer to this.

I have Roon Server on a headless Mac mini and the Roon control app on a MBP, an iPad and an iPhone.

The Mac mini is connected by USB cable to a Bel Canto DAC2.5, which appears in the Audio Settings as the only Zone “Connected to Core”. It’s working great.

My questions is, I would like to move the Bel Canto to another system and use my Oppo BDP 105D as the endpoint in this system. I assumed all I had to do was unplug the USB cable from the back of the Bel Canto and plug it into the USB input in the Oppo. When I did that, the Bel Canto disappeared, as expected, but the Oppo did not appear.

My memory may be bad, but as I recall, the Bel Canto appeared automatically as a Zone as soon as I connected it to the mini. All I had to do, I think, is enable it, name it, and then check the device settings.

Am I missing something? Shouldn’t the Oppo have appeared automatically, or need I do something else? I did power everything off and back on, but the Oppo remains invisible.

Can your Mac see and play to the Oppo via USB (disregarding Roon for the moment)? If the Mac can’t see it, Roon won’t be able to use it. It should not need a driver for the Mac.
Oppo 105 is not Roon Ready so should only be useable via USB/SPDIF and a host computer/bridge interface. You also need to be using the correct USB input on the Oppo (USB DAC) apparently.

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Thanks. I’ll try it with iTunes on the mini. I’ve had problems with iTunes and Pure Music seeing it before. The connections are correct. Will report back.

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Thanks Tony. You were correct. Neither the Audio Midi nor the Volume app on the mini could see the Oppo. After some fiddling (basically powering down and up and unplugging and replugging the USB cable), I was able to get both to see the Oppo. After that, Roon could see the Oppo, and now after more fiddling with settings that seemed to shift on me, Roon is able to play through the Oppo. So, for now it’s working.

I must confess to not being optimistic about the Oppo remaining a stable DAC for use with this mini, as it tends to vanish when I use iTunes and Pure Music. Fingers crossed, and thanks for your comment, which triggered my memory.

Wanna buy a used Oppo BDP 105D? LOL. Actually, I am looking to replace the Oppo for this use anyway. It’s got a reputation for doing what it’s doing based on my internet searches.

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Funny you should say that! I recall when this player came out and was seriously thinking of buying one as an all-in-one audio/video player. I also wanted the DNLA features as well but recall that feature was listed as ‘experimental’ or some such at the time, so was put off enough to bin the idea. I think the USB DAC feature has a bit of a reputation for disappearing though so I don’t know if Oppo ever got round to stabilising it.

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