Question about the best Driver, Alsa or ASIO?

Hi all, I have a question for you guys… What do you prefere… ALSA (Roon Rock) or ASIO (Roon Server running in windows)??.. both using or running in an Intel NUC… Rock using Raspberry Pi 3b+ to connect at the DAC by USB, and Roon Server connected directly to the DAC by USB…I’m talking about the sound, quality… Sorry about my english, I’m live in Santiago, Chile… Regards

From a technical point of view there should be no difference in sound quality. But, we do not live in an ideal world, so in reality there may be differences.
I think it would be best to try both and see if there are differences in your audio system.

The difference is about capability. If you can get 512 native DSD from Windows using specially written drivers but only a generic 128 DOP from ALSA that is a material difference. Using an OS geared towards audio use helps because it is more likely to have the patches that will give ALSA fuller capability.

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Thank you for your answer (@Henry_McLeod and @DanielAvasilichioaei) . I think I’ll continue using Windows with ASIO because I feel that it gives me better audio than the ALSA option. I have a DAC can get Native DSD 512

Which DAC you’re using?
For example the Toppings D70 or DX7 PRO are supported in many Linux distributions in native DSD.
Also in the server part I’ll avoid to use a Windows, which wants every time updates and has a lot of overhead.