Question about the display list order for Roon tags on songs

How does Roon determine the display list order for Roon tags I add to songs? I am referring to tags I create in Roon, not to ID3 tags, as I use Roon mainly for the Tidal integration.

The reason I ask is that I would like my Roon tags on songs to appear in a specific list order, however, Roon changes my tag list order in a way that appears to be ad hoc - I can’t pick up a pattern how Roon changes the tag list order.

For example, I enter the below tags with the Chart/Billboard tag as the first tag but when I close and re-open Roon, my tag list order changes. You will also notice that there appears to be no logic to the way Roon changes the tag list order, as the list order changes are not consistent (see the 3 examples shared below).

Any thoughts/advice? In case I haven’t articulated my question clearly enough, here’s a summary: When I am looking at tracks in an album, how does Roon sort the list order of the tags I created in Roon and assigned to the tracks? (above screenshot should help for additional context).

Anyone know how tag list order on the tracks in the album view logic works?

Anyone? Is there somewhere else I can ask about this?

Make it a support question, by including @support in your topic.

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You didn’t pick a category to post in so you are just shouting in the wilderness.

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I’ve moved it into the Roon Software category of the forum, and since @Dirk_De_Taey flagged Support, perhaps someone from the team will respond (even though, strictly speaking, this isn’t a support question)…

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Thanks guys. Apologies I missed the category bit for my post :frowning:

Hello @Ninja_Theory,

That’s a great question! Thanks for creating this post.

At the moment, user-created tags are arbitrarily displayed. We appreciate you noticing this and voicing the request to have them displayed consistently.

To that end, I’ve moved your post into the Feature Request category where it’ll get the attention it needs from our product team :nerd_face:

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