Question about volume leveling when loudness is unkown

Occasionally I come across a track on Tidal where the signal path shows +0.0dB for volume leveling:

Is this what happens when the loudness is unknown or is that indicated some other way?

My volume leveling settings:

It means the “natural” volume is correct , no adjustment required BUT you are configured to Adjust therefore it adjusts by zero !!

Except it isn’t correct though. Soon as that track played I was blasted out of my seat. Had to turn the volume down by 5-7db.

These settings would not explain that. I use Sound Levelling virtually all the time as I listen primarily on headphones and find it works fine

The volume leveling settings I posted above are what I use all the time (in both my Zones) and they usually work but like I said I occasionally get a Tidal track that behaves like described above.

ODD , I have no ideas , I use Tidal routinely and have never seen this . I have occasionally had my iPad decide to nip up to 100% but never on my main system

As your configuration screen shot shows, volume leveling should apply -5dB, but I suspect, that there might be wrong information embedded in the stream by Tidal.
Share some song titles for others to cross-check the behavior - I don’t use Tidal, though.