Question concerning DSD at 48K to Pro-Ject Pre Box S2

I’m new to this but…
Just wondering if anyone can clarify for me what is happening at the Pro-Ject end when upsampling to DSD256 in HQPlayer with the 48K box checked(many of my files won’t play without this checked).

The question I have is that with this box checked, the Pro-Ject S2 no longer displays DSD256 on its front panel. I’d like to know what that implies. Is the DAC still directly rendering DSD, even though it no longer displays it?

Yes it is, it just isn’t showing 48k base rates on the display.

48k base rates in terms of music files = PCM48kHz , PCM96k, PCM192k.

So those rates won’t show anything on the Pro-Ject’s display but it is still being fed DSD256x48 (12288000 Hz) by HQPlayer.

I know this because Jussi himself has one and I asked him this same question long ago lol and he confirmed (from his own testing).

44.1kHz rate music (44.1k, 88.2k, 176.4k music) do show on the display as DSD256 as you saw.

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Thanks so much!

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It’s a very good DAC, enjoy !

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