Question: Conductor Relationships - how are those created?

Sorry for another Classical question. I recently stumbled across this:


Now it may be that Roon knows something about how the orchestras in the “Conductors” row behaved when working with Pierre Boulez - but somehow I doubt it. So I’m asking:

how come that for a conductor (and composer) a Conductors relationship gets displayed? Also: how are those relationships to be read? Usually, I get only shown Collaboration relationships, Conducted / Conductors relationships seem to be rare. I would guess showing those for tighter bounds between an orchestra and a conductor (appointed conductors / honorary conductors) the relationship would be of most relevance. But how does Roon handle this?

The interesting thing about the example above is: I seem to have no tracks in my library where the Staatskapelle Dresden conducted (performed with) Pierre Boulez. So it’s definitely something the Roon Cloud knows.