Question for Bluesound Node 2 owners - DSD64 DoP via digital outputs

Hi Node 2 owners,

I know the Node 2’s DAC does not support DSD but I’m just wondering if the digital outputs can support DSD64 over PCM (DoP) when connected to a DAC that supports DSD64 via SPDIF inputs.

If someone can get it working, can you kindly take a screenshot of your Roon signal path? And confirm there’s no stuttering or dropouts on playback of DoP64?

Much appreciated in advance!

If I get chance I’ll give it a go with Arcam irDac ii.

Looked at this and It does not have any DSD strategy at all so Roon will just transcode to pcm you have no choice unless I am missing something.

Afaik you’re correct, the Node 2 only supports DSD64 when played from the Windows BS App, not via Roon.