Question for Samsung Note 10 Plus

A couple of days ago I got the Samsung Note 10+ after my S8+ died.
The Note 10 doesn’t have a headphone out which is fine as I don’t use one.
From what I’ve read apparently the Note doesn’t have a “DAC” because of the missing headphone out.
But I think there must be some DAC functionality of course.
Anyway, I thought then if I connect a USB DAC such as my Woo Audio WA8 at the office it would bypass the normal Android audio limitations.
But it doesn’t seem to be the case. I still seem to be stuck at 24/48 whatever I play.
It also shows the device as the phone model name.

I also have UAPP installed and when I plug in my DAC, the phone identifies it correctly and prompts my by asking if I want to connect the “Woo Audio” to UAPP.
So shouldn’t Roon see the DAC as Woo Audio also and not be limited by normal Android audio limitations?

Anyone know anything about the Note 10+ in this regard?


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Also wanted to mention that Samsung has a USB C to Headphone adapter with a “DAC” in the adapter that let out 24/192. I don’t have the adapter as they didn’t include it in the box!
But how is it that, that adapter works with high rez audio but Roon doesn’t with a different USB DAC using a USB C cable.

Roon is limited to 48 24 on Android.

Yes I already know that.
Perhaps I wasn’t clear on that point.
My question was specifically aimed for the Samsung note 10+.
Because they took the headphone out supposedly it behaves differently.
The dongle you can buy for it usb c to 3.5mm out does up to 24/192. I don’t have it yet to try out.
Why and how does that work and my other DACs don’t?

I have the headphone adapter and it plays 24/48 from Roon just like anything else.

Other Android applications have written their own audio path that exists outside of Android, and those can utilize the higher resolution, like UAPP. It is not a great DAC, it is sufficient for cheap headphone usage.