Question marks on the Chinese name of album and artists

I am using dCS Rossini Player, the Roon core in my computer (windows 64 bit, windows 10).
My music is stored in My NAS (Qnap) its about 7000 albums in my storage.

The issues appear in my Roon is Most of the Chinese name of album and artist do not show up. They are all question marks. But some Chinese albums are fine. I installed them in the same way to my NAS but the way they showed are quite different.

I have taken some photos from my screen. is there any way I can show you.

You can drag them into your response on this site, but what would be more helpful would be a file or two that we could look at.

If you can PM me a Dropbox link or similar to a file or two that’s displaying this issue, we can take a look.

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Here are the photos from my screen. I will try to find the files. Thank you for your help Milke!!

Thank you for the follow up @JIM_Lo1, the screenshots are very appreciated!

When you are able to provide a media sample drop a “flag” for support in your response (i.e @support) and a member of the team will downloaded the content for analysis.


Double Byte Characters need Unicode, wave tag no support for Unicode Tag currently

Hi @Cheung_Hon_Wah

I am not really sure your meaning.

Could you make an example!!!

I really appreciate that.


Try to use FLAC instead of Wav, just try one album and let me know

Wave format don’t support Unicode, while FLAC no problem with Unicode, for Chinese/Japanese/Korean Characters, ROON only support Unicode.