Question of changing harddisk where my music resides

The harddisk where my music resides (that is, the directory structure that Roon “watches”/monitors) is failing (according to SMART data the disk is reporting). I’m going to put in a brand new HDD. I have already made a copy of the music directory (that is, of it and of all its subdirectories), and I plan to copy the copied directory to the new HDD, stop Roon (running on the same Win10 Pro system where the HDD is), change old HDD’s drive letter to something else, change the new HDD’s drive letter to the one the old HDD had, and restart Roon. My working assumption is that for a monitored directory, Roon will not see any difference.

Is this approach good? Any gotchas?

My system: Win10 Pro x64, Roon 1.3 build 218. The old HDD is F:, which means (as far as I understand) that it is not the disk where Roon has its database.

Should work just fine, I am assuming this is a USB hard disk? Just make sure the drive letter is the same.
The Roon db will be on C:


The new HDD is an internal SATA-attached drive. It’s a Western Digital Black disk, which I chose because of its performance and its expected longevity. I find that with USB drives, it is harder to establish what are their performance and longevity. I do have USB drives, but I tend to employ them more for backup. The new HDD will have the same F: drive letter as the old HDD.

Should be no problem then, whilst reliability is good performance is not a major factor for the library storage, for the db it is a major factor and SSD is best, sometimes a 2 bay USB enclosure with two ‘cheaper’ disks mirrored is a better option.



@James_Antognini – safest way is to follow these instructions: