Question on BitPerfect

I’m trying to figure out if I need a service like BitPerfect to make sure that the Mac Mini I’m using as my Roon server is outputting a direct stream and not changing it to the standard output Mac’s typically use. I believe I have already set up Room with the passthrough (?) feature, but want to make sure I’m getting the best resolution out of the stream.

I have a PSAudio DirectStream DAC and want to make sure that everything it is getting can be sent out in DSD.

Thanks for your help.

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I think Roon will use core audio on a Mac which is capable of bit perfect. Just check the audio playback path in Roon and it will tell you if it’s bit perfect when playing DSD.

Also check that DSD is set to native and it shouldn’t convert to PCM

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BitPerfect is made for iTunes, Roon bypasses the limitations BitPerfect fixes. You don’t need it.