Question on DSP

Hi, is there a way to have different DSP settings for different sources? I’ve seen that it is possible to have different DSP settings or at least switching it on and off per endpoint. What makes sense ro ha e for example some equalization on a smaller speaker in the kitchen and have a non touched sound on the high end system in the living room. But I have a valid point for having different DSP settings per source. My wife love to listen to live radio, I prefer streaming or my files. I was testing a Rotel X5 as I’m interested. It was sounding, of course, way different as the existing Audiolab setup… I see there potential as it was in some ways much better, in general more analytical. Exactly this was nothing for my wife as she prefer a more long-time adapted sound with less heights and a warmer body. So the idea is: fix it with the DSP. But I don’t like an approach that forces us to enable or disable the DSP depending on the source or user. As live radio is on top anyway not losless and sounds different I assume it will be useful for a lot of users.

Are you asking for DSP settings to automatically change when the endpoint is changed?

In case you don’t know: In the meantime you can save DSP settings as Presets. I name mine based on Endpoint names to make it easier to recall them.

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No, I like to have it in dependence of the source.
For example: local files in library disabled, Tidal with eq curve 1, live radio with eq curve 2.

What do you mean with the save as preset?

Ah, I see what you mean now.

Can I save multiple preset for a single endpoint?
For example preset Sabrina living room, preset Sascha living room as two presets that are pointing on ONE endpoint?

You can save as many presets as you like, the only little inconvenience is that you need to go to the DSP settings every time you want to switch them. Incidentally:

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That is a working workaround…but anything else than fancy. On top it is still per endpoint and not per source…