Question on Importing Files to N+ as Folders

I’m new to the Nucleus+, having come from a Mac Mini setup.

On an external SSD on the Mac Mini, I had music files segregated into various folders, as:

…/Main Library
…/Christmas, etc.

Each of these folders was a watched folder to Roon.

However, I would routinely turn the groupings “on” or “off” by enabling or disabling Roon watching the folders. So, for e.g., as December rolled around, I’d re-enable the …/Christmas folder in order to listen to seasonal music, then disable it again in January. Usually, the ‘Main Library’ folder was the only active, watched folder.

So, how do I move the files off the SSD to the Nucleus+ internal storage in the same manner?

Using the network share mode, I successfully moved the folder “Spoken Word” to internal storage, and I see a discrete “Spoken Word” folder under smb://NUCLEUSPLUS/Data/Storage/InternalStorage, but in Roon’s settings, I see that although 779 files were imported, they all seem to have been imported into the main library. I would much prefer that these files don’t even show up until I “turn them on”.

Is it possible to separate file groupings like this on InternalStorage? If so, where did I go wrong?


Hi @Rob_Hanson,

With Nucleus, it’s not possible to set up multiple watched folders for Internal Storage — Internal Storage is added automatically in Roon and any files added there will automatically be imported to Roon.

You could tag the files in these specific folders so that you can use Focus to exclude them instead of leaving out the entire folder. Alternatively, you could leave the folders that you don’t regularly use on the Mac Mini or on an SSD attached to the Nucleus. You can then add them when you want them, but they won’t be there all the time.

Thanks @dylan

I find it a bit unfortunate that I can’t use all the available internal storage, but your solution makes sense.

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