Question on Roon Nucleus connection to Linn Klimax DSM 3

Dear All,

I’m planning on setting up Roon finally and purchase a Roon Nucleus to manage my library.

I’m using a Linn Klimax DSM 3 in the office, where I don’t have access to Ethernet port of the server room.

I wonder if I can connect Roon Nucleus to DSM 3 via the Ethernet port, or do I have to purchase a switch and connect both of the to the switch?

I just want to use Roon while keeping my system simple.

Thank you very much.

You need a switch. The Nucleus operating system does not allow for direct connection to the DSM via Ethernet. However if the DSM has a USB input, you could consider using that.
Otherwise requirements will be access to the internet via the switch.
Connect the switch to the Nucleus
Connect the DSM to the switch
Configure Roon for working to a Linn device.

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thank you for your kind reply. my DSM has USB Host and USB Audio. Does it mean that I can install hard disk on Nucleus and then connect Nucleus to DSM via USB Audio? T

Best regards

Yes, that should work OK. But if both devices are on your network as I would expect, that should work too. The only thing that will not work is direct connection between Nucleus and DSM via Ethernet cable.

Thank you so much for your kind and prompt reply! Cheers!

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