Question on Roon Ready Endpoints

A new Roon user, really enjoying the product! However, I am unable to decrypt the Roon Ready (Roon Tested) designations, and find that referring to any given manufacturers site does more harm than good, as the jargon is all over the map. Trying to find what I’m looking for is very challenging and time consuming.
So, I am posing this question in a different way - I currently use a Squeezebox Transporter as an endpoint, and it works great, although limited to 24/96. Can someone please tell me what devices are currently available that will have the same Roon functionality as the Transporter - i.e. connectible to the Roon Core via wireless, and controlled by the Roon software with no need to use the manufacturer’s app? That as simple as I need - don’t need synching, multi-room, etc. I realize that I could use a PC with Roon Bridge to accomplish, but want to understand if better alternatives are available
[While I’m asking - would be great if the alternatives support 24/192 at least]

Thanks for any help pointing me in the right direction.

Depends on your budget as there is a wealth of choices do you just need the streamer that connects to an external DAC or do you want the DAC inbuilt?
Roon Ready is for streamers and all in one units that use Roons RAAT streaming protocol and can be controlled by Roon for playback etc. Any additional non Roon supported features would still need the manufacturers app . Roon tested is for seperate USB connected DACs that have been tested to work well with Roon and Roon can control some of their features such as pre amp volume if is has one.

I am a big fan of the squeezebox touch with the edo patch so it can do 24/192. Get one on Ebay.

Thanks for your response, very helpful explanation. I am looking for a unit for a “secondary system” in the basement, so interested in the lower end of the price range (say no more than $800). I have an external DAC I can use, but would not be averse to an inbuilt DAC if in a well-recommended unit. Thanks for wherever you can point me.

I will look around for the squeezebox touch, thanks. Still interested in any alternatives you might view favorably.

With DAC but can be used without as well you could look at the BlueSound node 2 or 2i, Aurialic Aries Mini. Streamers only Allo DigiOne or Signature One if using spdif or coax. For USB output then you have Allo USBridge, SoTm s200, Sonore MicroRendu, or UltraRendu or you could make your own using an Intel NUC pc and use Rock Roons OS, raspberrypi SBC and add on digital audio board.

Or you could find any 2nd hand Squeezebox.

Thank you so much, exactly what I was hoping to learn!

It is not easy to find something that sounds better than a sqeezebox transporter.
The transporter is a great device and if you are not a bat, I doubt that you are able to hear the difference between 96khz and 192khz.

Understand, and I think the Transporter sounds pretty great. My question pertain to getting a unit for a second location.