Question on signal path


I have a MacBook Pro that I have as have as the “core” for Roon I also have an Monolith HTP-1 as a processor that has Roon on it.

the HTP is hard wired to my modem but the MacBook Pro is wireless.

So when I switch the HTP to “Roon” as an input and open my Roon app on the MacBook Pro to select an album to play how is the data getting to the HTP? is it going from the modem right to the HTP and the MacBook Pro acts as just a controller or is the music being wirelessly fed to the modem then wired to the HTP?

Many thanks.

Music files flow from Tidal, Qobuz, or your local music library to your Roon core device. There they are processed and sent back to your router and on to your Roon bridge or Roon end-point. Your Roon core device should be connected to your router using ethernet. It is also beneficial that your Roon bridge or Roon end-point be connected using ethernet. Your Roon control devices can be connected using ethernet or WIFI. If your Roon bridge or Roon end-point is connected directly to your Roon core device using ethernet, USB, or HDMI, the music file would travel directly from the Roon core to that device without going back to the router. Depending on where you have your local music files stored, it is usually best for that to be connected directly to your Roon core device or even an internal SSD or HDD.

thanks for the input- so if I’m understanding correctly my HTP is a Roon end point and in my current set up the music I’m streaming from tidal via Roon on my Mac is going wirelessly to my modem then through ethernet to my HTP, do I have that right?

is there anyway to make my HTP the core and use the Mac as a controller ?


I can’t answer because I don’t know what an HTP is, but someone will be along that can answer your questions. If your Mac is running the Roon core but is not connected to your router using ethernet, then it is using WIFI to send the music files back to your router after processing. From your router, they go to your Roon bridge or Roon end-point however that device is connected to your network.

Roon core can only run on a computer device. That can be a Nucleus, NUC, NAS, desktop, laptop, or some other devices.

ok thanks again - just for clarification the HTP is a Home theater processor that handles all my audio/video and is conned to an external amp.

It must be a Roon ready end-point unless you have some other Roon bridge device feeding it. You really need to get your MAC connected using ethernet or get another device to run your Roon core. That is, if you’re having problems.

Not knowing what your HTP is, it’s possible it is running your Roon core and the MAC is a control device. IDK. Where did you install the Roon core software?

Yes I believe the HTP is a Roon ready end point. Not really having an issue just wondering what is feeding what and how

I installed the Roon software on the Mac. So I guess my Mac is the core and a controller, and like you mentioned it must be feeding the router via Wifi then to the HTP end point via ethernet.

@Jim_F is correct on the network flow as well as the role and type of machine for the Roon Core.

The HTP-1 will be a Roon Ready endpoint, but it has not completed Roon Ready certification yet. While the device is in the “uncertified” state you may run into issues with playback from Roon.

The device is not capable of being a Roon Core, now or in the future.

Thanks for the reply and while I’m at it, the fact that it’s not certified could that be the reason that I’m getting popping/crackling sounds while listening to it? Same type of popping that you would hear while playing a vinyl record. It’s not constant but sporadic.

Hello @Christopher,

Yes, this is something that could occur with an uncertified device.