Question re playing remotely

Hi, another question…

I have two PCs in different parts of the house, each attached to a DAC. I’m controlling Roon with a tablet. Can I connect to the library on one PC, but play back on the DAC connected to the other PC? Or is that something that will be possible when Roon Speakers is available?


If you have two PCs, one is running as the Core, and one is the Remote. Your Core device will manage your library, making it accessible from any of the devices in your home running Roon – either of the two PCs or the tablet.

Right now, all 3 devices will be able to control devices connected to the Core – this could be a DAC plugged into the PC, or a network device that the Core is connected to, like an Airplay device or a Meridian zone.

Additionally, the remotes (the 2nd PC, and Android tablet) will have private zone, which means that only that specific remote can see it or control it.

When we release RoonSpeakers, it will function like the network devices I mentioned above – you’ll be able to set up a zone on the 2nd PC (or plenty of other devices), and any device on the network running Roon will be able to control it.

It’s coming! Thanks for the question Matt!

Got it, thanks. I think I’ll see how Shairport works in the meantime…

I have a question regarding the android private zones, and this seems as good as anywhere to ask it.

Which tablets support private zone playback of hi res files? I borrowed a nexus 7 from a friend just to experiment and it works well for browsing (except for the small screen of course) but will not play back 24/96 or 24/192 files from its internal speakers.

The main tabs I have been considering for purchase are the nexus 9 and the galaxy tab S. Any thoughts on which would be better? I want to use it as a remote but also be able to playback via headphones or Bluetooth speaker.