Question re: the "reach" of Roon Nucleus

I have a Nucleus connected to my network via Ethernet (of course). I also have an iMac connected via Ethernet to the same network.

If I have a non-Roon-Ready DAC/headphone amp connected to that iMac via USB, when I pull up my Roon app on the iMac, will I be able to (a) access the audio files stored on my Nucleus; and (b) play music from the iMac’s Roon app to the attached DAC/amp? I’m 99.9% sure the answer must be yes for the second question, but unsure about whether my iMac can transmit the Nucleus-stored files to the DAC/amp.

I’d play around to figure this out for myself but I’m (a) on the road for the next week and (b) impatient.


Absolutely. Via either the full Roon application on your iMac or simply Roon Bridge.

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