Question regarding backups

Im planning on using Nucleus as a sever. I just backed up Roon to a external HD and plan to use the back up when I migrate over. The file size is only 1.25gb. Does that sound correct? My music file is over 500gb. Is the music suppose to be on the Roon backup?

That size seems OK. It does not include your music; it is only Roon’s database.

I encourage you to read This KB article on moving from one server to another. In practice, the process is fairly straightforward, but there will be many helpful people on this forum if you need help.

Thank you Brian

@BrianW. Quick question. On the migration instructions it says after backup “shut down Roon Core” Is that Settings==> General==>Core,this Mac==> hit disconnect?
if so
Should I remove Roon from my Mac and install Roon Remote on my Mac and iPhone and iPad?
or Use the main Roon download until Nucleus set up is finished?

Hi Larry. Easiest is to stop Roon by preventing it from running at start-up. Then load Roon Remote.
When the Nucleus is running, run the remote and you should be presented with a new core to connect to. When you do, remember to use the Restore a backup option on the login screen.

I should wait until you are quite sure that the Roon on the Nucleus is running OK before you remove the current core and install Roon remotes on your devices.