Question: Smart migration of music library from Synology NAS to internal Roon Rock SSD?

I have a fanless NUC with Roon Rock installed.
The music library (abt 1.6 TB) is sofar stored on my Synology NAS 218+.
I have just bought a 4TB internal SSD (prices have dropped to reasonable levels) which I will install on my NUC and intend to transfer my music library from the NAS to the new internal 4TB SSD of the NUC.

From the Roonlabs knowledge base I have learned that it is not possible to “preload” the SSD first with the music but this can only been done once the SSD has been installed on the Roon Rock NUC and formated. This will probably extend the time of transferring the library but no big deal.

I have following question:

I would like to keep information like number of times a song has been played, when a album has been imported etc. but I fear they will be lost if I just copy the music to the SSD.

Any smart solution?

Many thanks in advance,


Hi Jens,

The above article should help.

Exactly what I have been looking for!

Thx, Jens

I would suggest something like


Thanks for mentioning this sync tool as backup / syncing the internal NUC storage is my next question:

Present status:

  1. I have installed a 4TB SSD in my NUC 8i7
  2. I have successfully formatted the 4TB SDD via the ROCK web interface which is now showing that the Internal storage is “OK”
  3. My Music Library of abt 1.6TB is still on my Synology NAS drive (with scheduled backups to dropbox, Synology C2 Storage and a USB HDD attached to the NAS

Next steps:

  1. Copying the Music Library from the NAS to the internal SSD in the ROCK Nuc.

a) I do understand from the Roon knowledge base that it is strongly recommended to do this only after the pointers to the music library storage folders (in my case to the NAS only) have been deactivated. No problem.

b) copying itself might take very long if I copy from the NAS folder to the internal storage. So I intend to attach my USB HDD (with a carbon copy of my NAS music Library) to the NUC Rock and copy from USB HDD to the Internal Storage which might save a couple of hours

  1. Changing the Music Library Folder (within Roon Setup) from NAS Folder to the ROCK NUC forlder (with identical content)

I do understand that by doing it this way all my edits within Roon will still be there, correct?

  1. Backup/Syncing of Music Library betweeen Internal Storage of ROCK NUC and NAS

a) Initially I thought that I should make regular backups of the internal storage but having read some thread here in the community it should be the other way round:
I will keep the NAS Music Library storage folder as “Master” (in order to maintain my scheduled backups as described above) and will just have to keep the ROCK NUC internal storage synced with the NAS storage folder. This means I will continue to copy new albums to the NAS and maintain my music library there, i.e. I will never manually copy any music files to the ROCK NUC’s internal storage as this will be automatically done by a sync tool

b) Which Sync Tool to use?

I have to admit that I am no network or Synology expert and would really prefer a very simple solution, preferrably a synology app which even I can configure.

Any suggestions?

As for the Sync Tool I might have found what I was looking for here:

suggesting to use rsync

Will try same now…