Questions about Lumin U1 (Mini)

I currently own a ( which I like mainly for its streaming capabilities through the BluOS app (you can stream from a busload of music services, including Deezer), and also for its Dirac Live room correction.
However, it does not have a digital audio out to connect to an external DAC. So I am looking for a replacement streaming-only device to connect to an Chord m-scaler/hugo tt2 combo, and the U1 (mini) seems to be highly recommended.
I am wondering if somebody could clarify for me the following questions about the U1/Mini outside of the Roon ecosystem:

  1. Is there a way to stream from Deezer Hi-Fi music service? (Qobuz and Tidal, I stream from Roon)
  2. When unfolding MQA, will it output a plain PCM stream to the DAC or is there still some decoding needed? (Chord does not do MQA decoding)
  3. Will it feed a bit-perfect stream to the m-scaler without up-sampling or DSP processing?

Of course if you have any other comments about these units I will highly appreciate it.
Thank you for the help.

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  1. Only via AirPlay from Deezer app.
  2. Lumin will do the MQA Core decoding (same as Roon) natively to digital output even if not using Roon. You get the best possible PCM stream from it this way.
  3. Yes.

Lumin U1 (MINI) is ideal for Chord products, including USB / BNC / toslink outputs for M Scaler. Our DSD256 DoP was made for Chord.

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Thank you Peter for the prompt authoritative response!

Hi Peter @wklie

I hope that you’re well.

Can the digital outputs of the U1 Mini be set to different sampling rates? For example, can the TOSLINK output be set to a maximum of 24/48, whilst the COAX be set to a maximum of 24/192? Or do they all have to be set at/to the same rate?


No. All output the same format.

If USB is connected and detected, USB takes priority and the 4 non-USB outputs are no longer valid.

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Some are mentioning that U1 mini is going out of production, and a U2 mini is on the production roadmap for Lumin.
Is it too early to elaborate on that @wklie? Will newer Lumin products in the entry level have fiber connection and external linear supply?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face::notes:

No and no.