Questions about Nucleus storage options

I will soon install a Bridge II in my Directstream.
Just got Roon and the core is now running on an iMac in another room which I hope to have on a wired connection today.
If I get a Nucleus and use it as my core, where will the Roon site reside, with Qobuz and Tidal and all of my music that Roon previously located, all of which is now on the iMac?
Can it remain on the iMac? Do I have to install a hard drive into the Nucleus and transfer it there?
Thanks, in advance.

I think Carl is asking if his music can remain on the iMac? To which the answer is: yes, the music can remain on the iMac, while the Nucleus hosts the Core (the brain of Roon).

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Then you would need both the nucleus and the Mac on to play…I would stick with the Mac unless it’s unable to perform to your needs.

Hi @Carl_Chernoff,

Take a look at our documentation on the subject. You have a few options available to you. You can install an internal drive to the Nucleus, access the library over the network (from the Mac Mini), or use an external drive.

Thank you all; if I installed the internal drive on the Nucleus and that was the core, would Roon automatically migrate to the Nucleus in the same way that it is presently on the iMac?

FYI to all:
The iMac is older and stops or slows down when someone else in the house hold accesses it for another purpose.

If you’re talking about the core, then in Settings->Setup->Disconnect connect to the Nucleus. Also, you need to un-authorize the core that’s on the Mac. Don’t forget to backup your current Roon library and then restore it on the Nucleus.

Thank you.
But, yes, that’s what I was getting at;does what I currently have on the iMac need to be put on the Nucleus?
Or can it remain on the iMac as just an endpoint while the Nucleus now becomes the Core?

Yes, your Mac can now be used as an endpoint.

The Roon database must move to the Nucleus, that’s the backup/restore people mention.
The music files can stay on the Mac but that is not very convenient because both boxes have to be up and running to play music.

Easiest is to get a usb drive, $50 or, plug it into the Mac, copy the music files to it, plug it into the Nucleus and tell Roon to look at it.

An internal drive is neat but then you have to copy the music over the network.

Hi @Carl_Chernoff,

We have documentation on the migration process for switching to Nucleus in our Knowledge Base. I definitely recommend giving that a read for a detailed guide.

Thank you very much.