Questions about RoPieee on Allo DigiOne Sig

I have an Allo DigiOne Sig running RoPieee via USB into either a Chord Qutest or McIntosh C47 Preamp DAC. USB is working great but I have two operational questions:

  1. I cannot seem to get digital output via coax on the Allo. Is it possible to have both USB and Coax operating at the same time and if so, how?

  2. I not sure what’s going on with the “Force Volume” setup option. I set Roon to fixed volume and I do not want digital volume control anywhere. With RoPieee “Force Volume” off, the C47 plays very low and I have to turn up the volume mostly all the way. With “Force Volume” on and set to 1, the C47 gets very loud and almost sounds overdriven at any of the C47 volume settings. What’s going on here and what’s the best setup given that I don’t want digital volume control?

RoPieee is a great product, by the way.


Yes, you can use both USB and the Coax output simultaneously as separate zones.

Leave the force volume off; fixed volume in Roon. That’s what works with my Chord 2Qute. I suggest you try the Qutest to confirm that the Allo is working correctly.

Thanks for the response.

Turns out I did not realize the DigiOne Sig Coax HAT is separately powered. I plugged in the 2nd power connection for the HAT and everything is working correctly now.

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