Questions about the need for streamer when you have a Roon core

Hi guys,
I am not roon experienced so go easy. I am just about to spring for either a Hegel H190 or H390. My questions revolve around whether I actually need a streamer. My Roon core will be a dedicated Mac mini on the same (wired) network as the integrated amplifier. If I use the Roon app to select music to play, could I use airplay to send the music to the Hegel?
Second, if I buy, say, a Bluesound node 2i to make life simpler, could I run it on the same network but put it in a different room - so that I could listen with headphones directly from my office. All on the same wired network? OR does the node 2i need to be physically connected to the integrated amplifier in order to work?
Thanks in advance.

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  1. The Node 2i can exist as a wired endpoint that just has headphones plugged in to the 3.5 headphone jack on the front.

  2. You can use Airplay, but will be limited to the protocol’s max resolution (16bit / 44.1kHz). You could also later add a little streamer to the mix, like a Allo DigiOne.

ROON, certified end point, sometime, coughs and backs away…

Yes. And as Daniel says, you can always add a streamer later if you want more than CD-quality sound.


No. The Node 2i would be a separate endpoint, and Roon would play directly to it. You could play two different things at the same time, one on the Hegel and something different on the Node 2i.

Thanks so much for these responses. I finally get it :joy:. Just sprang for the Hegel H390 (not delivered yet) and understand that I will not get MQA yet BUT when Hegel is Roon ready, I am assuming that I will be able to get full recording quality from Tidal and Roon. Is that correct?
Thanks. N