Questions on Audeze Mobius

Couple of questions wonder if anyone can advise:

  1. Signal path not lossless, I have disabled all DSP and using default audio device settings, please see below, not sure why there are sample rate and Bit depth conversions:

  1. Is it Roon that will add Mobius setting in the Find My Device page, or Audeze has to supply info? Please see below with all the Audeze models except Mobius.

If you are using it via USB, the you are using the small internal DAC in the headphones. You should set it to Hi Res mode. It sounds like you have it set to 2 channel stereo mode, in which the phones are limited to 16/48 resolution.

IMHO, if you are going to listen to music, then the best option would be to have them fed via AUX in from a good DAC. A Dragonfly would probably pair well with it. That way you are not limited by the DAC in the phones.

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Thanks, likely it was in stereo mode only. Have a Ztella which can do HR and MQA, matches well with the Mobius, certainly sounds better to me than the internal DAC. I was just trying the USB option. Cheers.

Interestingly, once HR mode is enabled on the Mobius, the signal path is like this. Again all DSP is disabled:

The signal path becomes lossless only when 24/96 material is played:

Hi @Raymond_Ho,

The Sample Rate Conversion state is green because Roon is doing sample rate conversion for compatibility purposes, the Mobius doesn’t accept native 44.1kHz in the mode you have selected.

Devices which pass our Roon Ready/Roon Tested certification are added to the device database. Since the Mobuis is not part of this program at the current time, it is expected that it would not show up in the find your device list.

@noris, thanks. Any chance Mobius will be added to Roon’s program?

I believe that the Mobius converts analog inputs to digital so it can do it’s processing. Thus, adding a dac wouldn’t be much benefitial (would probably be worse than straight usb)

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