Questions on how roon works

Hello Everyone, i’m very interested in the capability of this product. I am a bit confused on how roon handles the output devices for streaming. My setup consists of a Unraid NAS hosting my music files via network shares. Files ranges from MP3 to DSD and Tidal Hifi. My ecosystem is mainly android, windows, raspberryPi and two Ipod for the kids. My goal is to stream Audio to all my devices individually. I’ve been partially successful with a product called subsonic. Unfortunately, subsonic transcodes all my files. I’ve been forced to use different apps for my High-res listening. I Want to consolidate everything to one product across all platforms.

My goal is to stream lossless audio to all my devices. I’m mainly concern with lossless streaming to my Office PC via USB DAC and Theater room.

  • What application is required for the core server to understand that my Office PC is using a USB DAC?
  • The same goes with my Phone ( Nexus 6P using a OTG cable to a Chord mojo).
  • Can Roon be access outside my network, perhaps via a VPN?

Either the whole ball of wax, called simply Roon on the download page, or Roon Server. Roon, the complete package contains core+output+control.

You can connect your DAC directly to your PC thru USB, in which case you need the complete Roon running on PC.

Or, you can run Roon Server on your PC and connect to your network either thru WiFI or Ethernet. In this case, you need an endpoint, e.g. an RPi running DietPi and Roon Bridge. That’s where you connect your DAC. There are many different types of endpoint devices, ranging in price from sensible to insensible.

You can control Roon thru the whole ball of wax, i.e. simply called Roon on download page, or thru an iOS or Android device using Roon Remote app. You can’t control Roon from just Roon Server.

By itself, Roon won’t run on a phone or tablet. That is, no hooking up a DAC there. However, there is an iOS app, iPeng, that some use to accomplish this.

No access, at this time, outside of network.

Examples -

Roon on PC–>USB connection–>DAC

Roon on PC–>WiFi or Ethernet connection–>RPi running Roon Bridge–>USB connection–>DAC

Roon Server on PC–>WiFi or Ethernet connection–>RPi running Roon Bridge–>USB connection–>DAC

I’ve noticed that there is some confusion about Roon vs. Roon Server. You don’t need both running on your PC.

Hi David, the knowledge base provides a lot of info on how Roon works. Hope that helps.

Thanks Guys. I took the plunge and installed Roon. I haven’t configured it will all my devices just yet. I really cant wait till Roon begins to support OTG for android. So far im very impressed with what i’m seeing and hearing. Bit perfect playback is a beautiful thing with Roon.

Thanks again.

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Roon will send the audio stream to an Android device, how the Android device outputs that stream is dependent upon the Android device not Roon. I have output Roon from my Samsung phones to headsets, bluetooth speakers and out an OTG cable to a Dragonfly DAC.

wow… I stand corrected. It indeed does work! I have a nexus 6P with a Chord Mojo via OTG working with Roon android app! At first it didn’t. I noticed that Roon was conflicting with another app. Both were fighting for the DAC. I had to uninstall USB Audio Pro. Once i did that it worked. I do notice that the option for Bit Perfect audio support isn’t available thought. :frowning: Its almost perfect. I truly hope the dev implement Bit Perfect Audio support with the android app soon. This will hold me for a while until the DEVs get this working. Thanks Rugby.

Glad you got it working!

I’m new with Roon, so… could you please confirm if this means I can get sound from the built in speakers of my Tab S4 tablet through Roon (and not only use it as a remote)?.
Thank you!

Sorry, I figured out how to do this…