Questions regarding using Apple Music and Roon together (MetaData Only) (No Streaming)

Number of Tracks in Library

My music library is around 1330 Tracks as of now but very quickly growing.

Description of Issue


I have been using roon for some time using Qobuz as my primary streaming service but was honestly more focused on upgrading my gear than actually sitting down and enjoying my music. Im happy to report that at least that issue has been solved and I am having a wonderful time discovering new music wherever I can. Unfortunately Qobuz does not have many tracks and artists that I have been discovering through Apple Music’s Discovery Features. I do like however how Roon goes about its discovery process and I wanted to continue using those features. I know that Apple Music is not supported in terms of streaming the songs but is there a way I can at least have Roon get the metadata so that it can provide me with the recommendations / albums I should check out. Obviously Roon Radio is also off the table at that point but that’s a tradeoff I’m willing to make. The idea is basically to have Roon give the recommendations and then check them out on Apple Music and if they are good add them to Both Roon and Apple Music Libraries separately so I can continue to get better recommendations while growing my current library. Thank you for your time and have a great day.

The only way I know to use Roon and Apple Music somewhat together is to use Soundiz to send favorites from one to the other. And, that may mean Apple Music, Tidal and/or Qubuz. I don’t know about Roon local files.

You’ll need to have a sub to Qobuz or Tidal or Roon won’t recommend anything outside of what you already own. You can then make playlists or add albums it recommends and transfer to AM by using Soundiiz or any other service that will transfer stuff from one streaming to another.

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