Questions to Procedural EQ and License

Core Machine
Linux Mint 20.1 Intel I5 Laptop 8 GB RAM
Roon as Server

Network Details

Audio Devices
Connected by USB to Macintosh D100 DAC

Library Size
1500 Albums, 20000 Tracks

Description Of Issue
I’m super happy with Roon and I want to change because it sounds much better than JRiver in my chain.

Just 2 points:


  1. Right now I still use the trial Version, if I take the Lifetime now and want to change in a few weeks/month to Roon Rock on a NUC, will there be extra costs for the Licence?
  2. Absolute polarity is an issue, some albums are recorded inverted. In the Procedural EQ is it possible to invert the polarity. How can I implement that some Albums or Tracks play automatically inverted?

I was searching for the forum but just found some old topics what maybe I not actual anymore.

I hope that my English is understandable :innocent:

Best regards

Hi - I can’t answer your second question, but as for the first it won’t cost any more. I moved from a Windows 10 install to a NUC running ROCK with no issue or extra cost at all. The first time I ran ROCK and connected to this new core I simply had to unauthorise the old one.


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Number 2 is not possible. You cannot apply DSP to specific albums alone it’s across all or nothing. It’s something that has been requested in feature requests. I would add a request again if you feel it’s an important missing feature. However you can make the inversion a DSP preset and then swap them out using the app. So you can swap between inverted and none.

@ Michael
Thanks That is Good News

Are you sure there is no way to Call the SP Settings individually Ford Track or Album?
There are so many dull or overbright recorded Albums out there. In a well balanced High—End setup this is very annoying.
Before JRiver fixed this by giving the possibility to set a Tag, there was a workaround using different Zones.
Roon sure sounds better than JRiver, so it would be worth the extra money. But I am not sure if I can accept this loss of comfort.