Questyle CAS 192D DAC

I’m running QUESTYLE CAS192D DAC with microRendu and Roon.

I can play PSM files but native DSD files produce no sound.

Is there a way to realize true DSD using Roon with this configuration? Or if not, is there a way to configure Roon such that it converts the DSD files to play as PSM?

Really disappointed that I can’t take advantage of using Roon with this system!

Thanks in advance for your help and advice.

Native DSD requires the device, in your case the mRendu, to have support for the DAC patched into its OS. Have you verified that the mRendu directly supports the Questyle CAS192D in DSD native mode. If not, you might ask the manufacturer if they will patch it in.

You can set Roon to Convert All DSD to PCM, or use DOP mode which is DSD encapsulated in PCM. This is set under the device settings: DSD Playback Strategy.

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@Rugby thank you the provided information/suggestions here. Right on the mark :sunglasses:

@Ray_Leon I wanted to checkin with you on the above. Has the advice offered in Daniel’s post yielded any changes in behavior when playing DSD content?